Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Crazy neighbors, Family fun time and lack of wine

So today was long. I mean not the longest day I've ever had, cuz I've had some 10th innings in my time, but definitely long.
It started off shitty which I think pretty much zapped my energy for the day. Remember the psycho bitch who lives in the condo next door to mine, who I mentioned in my last blog "Love letter to five assholes"? The one who plays parking lot police like the douche bag hall monitor from middle school. Ya, her. Well, she's officially gone off her fucking rocker because last night, after coming home late from work with a bitchin migraine, my roomie, desperate for a fast parking spot, and with none other available, parked in her extra one which she doesn't use. It's for her guests, which she never fucking has, because she's crazy. Anyway, this morning, there was a car on either side of Roomie's car, so she pulled her big stupid soccer mom from hell minivan up right behind Roomie's car, completely blocking him in. He left for work, only to promptly storm back into the house screaming that he needed a ride because fuck head blocked him in. The kids and I weren't planning to leave for another 20 minutes which meant I was still laying in bed naked, hitting the snooze button and dreaming about shirtless Greek guys. I had to jump up, finish dressing both kids, feeding them, dressing myself, and get out of the house. Of course because we were in a hurry and Roomie was already late, nothing went right. Lainie couldn't find her shoes, Jackson wouldn't put pants on, and I couldn't stop screaming. By the time we left the house 10 minutes later than we needed to, I was feeling pretty stabby. I spent the rest of the ride to Lainie's school, Jacks preschool and Roomie's workplace cussing stupid crazy bitch neighbor out and complaining about what a shitty morning it was. I. Needed. Coffee.
Lainie had a field trip to the Science Center today, however, and I needed to pick up my dad because we were both chaperoning the event, so NO TIME FOR FUCKING STARBUCKS! Ahhhhhh. We got to the field trip on time, and spent the day shuffling around with three 7 year old girls, one of which was so ADHD it wasn't in the least bit funny. I understand exactly why her mother didn't come to that shit.
Finally at 1 o'clock the kids were back on the bus, and the field trip was over. I took my dad back to his house, and we hung out chatting for a bit. For those of you that know me, you know my childhood was pretty fucked up. My mom was a drunk, my dad was a bipolar (unmedicated/untreated) for the first many years of my life. Anyway, it was all kinds of crazy pie, and for the most part I have adjusted and forgiven and gotten over it, and blah blah blah, but all of a sudden, once we're back at my dad's house, he decides he wants to play "Let's rehash your childhood/let me tell you a bunch of even MORE fucked up shit about your upbringing that you either didn't know, or suppressed altogether!" Ummm awesome. So he drops some heavy shit on me, ya know to unburden his conscious and all that shit, and I'm like "Fan-fucking-tastic!!!" And was instantly pissed off/crying. I wouldn't mind if we never spoke of my childhood in terms of anything I don't know or don't remember, ever ever again. But he goes to counseling now, so he's all about "talking through stuff" and "forgiveness" Whatever. Stupid memories. Stupid dysfunctional childhood. By now, I'm still under caffeinated, and now also super hungry, dehydrated, tired and emotional. I was soooo ready to stab like the next bitch I saw.
So, finally I am home, I have eaten, had some water and some coffee, but I forgot to buy wine at the fucking store, so my day hasn't totally recovered, but it's getting there.
What. A. Friggin. Day.

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