{About Me}

Hi, I'm Sarah.
Welcome to the blog.
I don't particularly like About Me's.
At least not ones that are actually about ME. I love about me's that are about complete strangers.
Whenever someone says "tell me about yourself", I suddenly have no idea who I am or what I've been doing with my life.
I'll try to cover the basics though.
I'm 26.
A Leo, an ENFJ, lover of sandwiches.
I have two kids, Jackson who is five and Lainie who is almost 10 but thinks she is almost 20.
I'm not a housewife, a stay at home mom, or a skilled bicyclist.
I work from home {and a lot of other places} as a full time photographer.
From my home, I also mother full time, and drink in the shower.
I also cuss a lot and contradict myself almost always.
The only award I ever won was 1st place in a 3rd grade poetry contest. My poem was about pickles.
I used to work in Finance, in a big corporate office where I wore pant-suits, and this surprises almost everyone I know.
I'm afraid of ladders, ventriloquist dummies, and obscure diseases.
If my only escape from a Malaria ridden wooden puppet were up a ladder, just tell my kids I love them.
I really like surprises, grammar, forgiveness for misspelled words, books that make me cry, taking too many pictures, eating too much chocolate, and kissing all the time.
Smile. I love you.
{but depending who you are, I probably love bears more.}

You can view my photography work here.