Friday, December 7, 2012

The Friday Diary: Almost 10 Things That Matter

Happy Friday everybody!
This was a quiet week, full of long, hard worked days as my company prepares to shut down for Christmas break {12 whole days off! Wooh!}
The kids and I put our tree up last weekend, and decorated the house a little, but I still have a ton of shopping to do.
My company Christmas party is tomorrow, and I still have lots of girl prep to do. {yes, girls do start getting ready for a big party days before}
But today it's Friday, and it's jeans day, and tomorrow I'm seeing a movie with my sister and then partying with my co-workers, so all in all I think this week will end on a good note.

In the meantime though, I will leave you with 10 things that matter to me right this second:

1. Have you heard this song? If not, go listen. If you have, go listen again. It's my life.
2. I don't like my arms. Mainly, I don't like my upper arms/bicep area. They're huge and shapeless which makes them look fat even though they are actually pretty muscular, and I just feel weird when I wear sleeveless shirts and dresses.
I bought a sleeveless dress for the Christmas party.
3. I dislike having people's gifts already this long before Christmas. I am absolutely DYING to give everyone their gift, and it's killing me.
4. Arizona should get colder. I'm being jipped out of truly enjoying my favorite season.
5. I am legitimately depressed about being single on New Years. Is that lame and cliche? Probably. But I am lame and cliche, so whatever. I don't like not being kissed at midnight.
6. Pinterested:
7. Did you see the new Blue Marble pictures of Earth? They are literally breathtaking. Go look.
8. There is no number 8.
9. I have worked at my job for a year next Friday. Woah.
10. Can I just be "that guy" for a second and point out the obvious, which is that this year went by like at light speed? I mean New Years last year feels like a few months ago....Italy feels like last week....Valentines day just happened...and now it's Christmas, and time to say goodbye to the year and the people we all were during it. Time to say goodbye to the things that happened, the places we went and the way we were. Take what you want to hold on to and leave the rest if you can, because it's over. Take a deep breath and look forward. Make some plans for another new year, and hopefully do it better this time.

It's all just going by so fast.

Happy Friday.


  1. Replies
    1. Well I just thought you wouldn't like it if I called you my brother ;)

    2. Not so much... But I will also accept baba ganoush, lover, and tiger lily. You're still j-bone in my phone. :)