Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet Me

Meet me at the edge of the sea
Where the water's frayed edges meet the shore in white sheets
And I will find you there.
You will look beautiful against the backdrop of a charcoal sky and rolling clouds
With the ocean lost in it's perpetual dance with land behind you.
I will collect wild things in my hair
And smell like the wind.
You will look at me with your steady gaze and know my name
Because I am part of you
We have always been together, even when we were apart.
Even before we met when our names were still foreign to each other and there was nothing but a possible future between us.
I met you in my sleep
I knew you in my dreams
And when I saw you in the flesh for the first time
When you reached your hand out and took mine
The eyes of my soul snapped open and my heart exhaled softly and whispered
"Oh, there you are. Of course it's you. I know exactly who you are."
And all it has been capable of doing since, is loving you.

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