Friday, January 27, 2012

The Friday Diary: My Week in Pictures

After what WebMD diagnosed as my bout with testicular cancer last week, aka an ear infection, and the absolutely draining week that this one was, I just have no words for y'all. Hence, a Friday Diary in pictures.


Girl All the Bad Guys Want [Girl~Moped~Bad Guys~Naked~Rowdy~Rap Metal~W by Bowling for Soup on Grooveshark

Getting off work. It's a good feeling.


The cleanest this room will ever be


A self portrait while watching tv when I should be sleeping


Homemade beef and broccoli. Yummm.


Jack and I just can't get enough of glow stick baths. They're way too much fun.


Look I made this.


As of Today, Bill and I got back together 5 months ago. Pretty cool Here's a picture of us smooching, on my computer at work.
It makes me pretty happy to look at it every day.

Happy Friday everyone.

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