Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Of all the accidents
Of all the mistakes
Of all the times I have messed up 
And fallen down
There are few that I am truly grateful for.
Fate is a funny thing
And destiny, if it exists
Is a fickle creature
It conspires against us
Convincing us of a generous nature
Only to remind us time and time again
That the lucky ones are the ones who do what they're meant to.
And how often is it that we wish for what we're meant to have?
But I wished for you
And I got lucky.
For all the accidents
All the mistakes
All the broken promises and bitter tears,
Only one accident brought you back to me.
Only one brought me back to where I was meant to be.
For I was fortunate enough to have all my wishes and all my destiny
And in a split second
A car accident made all my dreams come true.
Metal colliding against metal
Bringing our worlds, which had spun so far away from each other's gravitational pull,
Careening back into the same Universe
And I found my way home again.

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