Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's hard to tell by these pictures {which were all taken in attempt to get one good one of them both just looking at the damn camera and smiling} but these two used to be mortal enemies.
I mean it.
They fought from the moment they woke up until the second they fell asleep.
They kicked and hit and scratched and screamed.
They pushed and shoved and name called and tattled on each other.
They said things like "hate" and "stupid" and at one point Lainie even told Jack she wished she never had a brother.
In that moment I think she meant it, even if it was just for that sheer split second.
They truly could not be left alone for more than a minute.
They were separated from each other so many times during the day I felt like I needed two different houses.
And then, one day, it just....stopped.
They became inseparable. 
Best friends.
Partners in crime.
I mean, yes, they still fight, all kids do. 
But they fight like best friends.
When I take the kids to daycare in the morning, Lainie holds Jack's hand while she walks him to class.
She comes in and kisses him goodnight at nap time.
They sing together in the van on the way home.
They play weird games that only little kids get, and they defend each other fiercely. 
It's adorable.
It's exactly the relationship I wanted with my siblings when I was little.
Right now, as I write this, I can hear them giggling in Lainie's bedroom, whispering and playing when they know they're supposed to be in bed.
I haven't busted them yet because I like hearing it.
It's such a sweet sound, their whispers and giggles and their unwavering confidence in their own ability to get away with things.
Please God, let them stay like this forever.

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