Monday, August 29, 2011

Simple Twist of Fate

From the hotel balcony at midnight, all of San Diego glittered.
The harbor in the distance to her left, with boats bobbing gently, their sails all blue and white
And the rolling hills and cliffside houses to her right overlooking the beach
Everything sparkled
The air was laced softly with salt and the smell before rain
As the breeze lifted the hair off her neck.
She stood there in a t-shirt that wasn't hers
While he slept heavily inside the room.
Behind the sliding glass she could hear him breathing
The sheets rustling as he turned over once, then twice.
The stars all hung over her like dangling charms
And she wondered how things got this way.
How she got to this place, with this boy,
from all the places and boys she'd been before. 
Sometimes it's hard to believe there's any kind of plan
That everything isn't just a game of chance.
You made a left when you could have made a right, and your road veers off to some previously unimaginable destination.
And no matter how wonderful the place you end up is, 
You always leave someone behind.
When the road twists and bends and your fate rolls this way instead of that,
You always lose someone, or something that at some point 
You had hoped to hold onto

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