Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 20 Reasons Why Being Single Is The Best.


1. You get to pick which movie to see every time you go the theater. Ryan Gosling, here I come.

2. You save so much money on makeup.

3. You really have a chance to work on expanding your flannel pajama collection.

4. You finally get some good use out of that old library card. 122 books later, and you're definitely a more attractive option to potential suitors.

5. You can get back to your roots by skipping things like shaving your legs or plucking your eyebrows.

6. You have more than enough time to catch up on all your favorite shows....plus every other show or movie available to watch instantly on Netflix.

7. You get the best spot on the couch when you're watching TV, everytime. Hell, you can take up the WHOLE Goddamn couch, because you're definitely not expecting company any time soon.

8. Getting in touch with your inner Taylor Swift.
9. On Valentine's Day, you're totally off the hook for coming up with something cute or romantic to do for the one you love. Because you have no one to love. At all.

10. Getting reacquainted with white wine and Cosmo.

11. Rediscovering your love of cats. Especially large quantities of cats. The more the better.

12. Eating ice cream for dinner. Go ahead and eat it straight out of the carton too. Fuck bowls. Aint nobody got time for that!

13. Really making the most of your unlimited cell phone minutes by calling all of your girlfriends. Every day. Twice.

14. Discover new music by Googling "Best songs to cry to"

15. Heartfelt conversations with the grocery store check out girl, the pizza delivery guy, and the automated teller at your bank's 24 hour customer service line.

16. Honing those unrequited love poem skills you thought you'd forgotten after middle school.

17. A new found appreciation for the subtle art of stalking.

18. Weight gain makes your boobs bigger. Just sayin'

19. Having time for all the DIY projects on Pinterest. Toilet paper roll art? No problem. Wine cork Christmas wreath? Absolutely. Painting every single wall in your house with chalkboard paint? Bring. It. On.

20. Two words: yoga pants.


  1. I am not single anymore, but this list sums up all the things that I loved when I was single. Now that I am in a long term relationship, I still try to do those same things that kept me happy while I was alone. Like the yoga pants. I will never give that up. :)

    1. YOGA PANT WEARERS, UNITE! Never give up on all that forgiving spandex and loving cotton. If I could wear them every second of every day, I would.

  2. "Fuck bowls. Ain't nobody got time for that" hahaha. I chuckled. If you haven't seen Jenna Marbles on Youtube, look her up.. I feel like you two would get along swimmingly

    1. I actually love Jenna Marbles. I feel like we're soul sisters, but she's thinner and better at doing her make-up, whilst I usually look like a mess and most likely have cereal or something in my hair. Also, I am quite pleased with your use of the term "swimmingly".