Monday, October 31, 2011

10 Little Things That Happened Last Week

1. Monday of last week, Bill and I decided to be irresponsible adults, and play hookie together at his house. I know, we're terrible people. We made breakfast, watched Party Down {one of my new favoritest shows} and basically laid around all day being awesome. It's ok, I know you're jealous.

2. Last week I was also able to indulge my long standing Ryan Gosling crush {shhh don't tell Bill}, by seeing the Ides of March during my skip day with Mr. Becker. The movie was good, definitely different than what I expected, and Ryan Gosling really does just get better {and cuter} with each movie he does.
Ides of March

3. I got to hang out {briefly} with Miss Lucia Williams, my long lost friend and sister in law, on Friday for some much needed girl talk. I think I got her all caught up on the drama in my life as of late. Now here's to hoping next time I see her I have nothing dramatic or crazy to report.....a girl can dream, right?

4. Had some pretty intense girl time with my Samus on Friday night, which included a short stay at Chopper John's where I was serenaded by some douche's and we were briefly followed by a very drunk guy who's penis touched my knee. The exciting life I lead....
I also wrote this on the bathroom wall, cuz I am the best girlfriend in the world:

5. Did you know that there are candles that melt into warm massage oil?! I DID NOT. I learned that over the weekend, and I don't know how I lived 24 years without possessing one of these awesome candles.

6. The kids and I made Halloween pizzas, which was amazingly fun. Each kid got a small lump of dough, which they were to flatten, shape into a crust, and decorate with whatever toppings they wanted, into some sort of Halloween creature. I made a pumpkin {original, right?!} Tiny made and owl and the Jedi made a puppy. Not exactly Halloween themed, but cute. I didn't get pictures, cuz I suck, but it was awesome!

7. My CD player in my car broke. And then my head exploded because the CD stuck in there sucks. 

8. TOTALLY got into an altercation with a stranger in Safeway. Yep. That happened.

9. Took the Jedi to Starbucks Saturday morning, where we sat outside drinking my coffee/his juice, when the Jedi asked to talk to my dad. We called him, and when my dad asked the Jedi what he was doing, he responded with "Oh just having some drinks with mom". Great, kid.

10. Finished reading Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs. Had a lot more graphic gay sex scenes in it than the cover suggests:

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