Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Sunday Rarity

For those of you who don't know {or didn't read our love story and figured it out...ahem, read the fucking story}, Bill has two kids. 
I also have two kids.
Bill works.
I also do something that sort of resembles working.

We're busy people.

We have our standing Saturday night "date night" if you will, which means every Saturday night we ditch our kids {lovingly} and hang out together at his house. 
We've had this running night together since back when we were "complicated" and we still maintain it to this day. It is the ONE guaranteed night in a week that have together. Guaranteed time together is hard to come by when between the two of us we have two jobs, four kids, one ex-wife and about 109402932080192 responsibilities. 
Normally, Bill has to get up super duper early {read somewhere around 8} on Sunday morning to go take his daughter to church....temple....I don't know religious worship place name things.
That means we rarely, if ever get to spend time together on Sunday. He gets up, showers and dresses while I begrudgingly put on my clothes and curse him for waking me up so early, and after a kiss in his garage, we part ways for the day. 

This weekend......THIS WEEKEND! We got to spend Sunday together.

Dun da da dunnnnnn!

It was awesome.

We got up {EARLY. Damn you, Bill} and I made us breakfast. Our standard Robins in a nest, or as some people of the bipolar persuasion refer to it "eggs in a bread hole", and then we laid around for a while doing nothing. Bill took some work calls and did some shit on his computer with spreadsheets that made me cross eyed, so I laid back down in his bed.
When he came looking for me and found me sleeping, I opened my eyes to find him laying beside me, and experienced one of those awesome "waves of powerful emotion", where I just felt so completely in love.
Finally, around 11:30 I lured him out of bed with treats, and we got in the car.
We drove out to the lake/river area, and wandered through the woods for a while, talking and holding hands. 
We sat next the water and talked about our futures, our kids, what we loved most about our relationship, and Bill even presented me with some half melted, slightly squished Reese's Peanut Butter cups. He knows me too well. 
After that, we headed back to Chandler and ate Greek food while Bill filled me in on his new life as a construction worker. I also realized I need to ask what he does at work more often...

All in all it was a perfect weekend, and a wonderful day. 
Bill and I haven't had the easiest road to where we are now, but I feel so unbelievably lucky to have made it this far with him. To still be able to call him my boyfriend, and to be the one spending lazy Sundays in the woods with him.
I really don't know how I could be any luckier.
He even walked into ALL the spider webs for me, so I wouldn't get bitten and die.
What a guy.

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