Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If My Heart Had a Language

If my heart had a language, 
It would say your name out loud.
It would balance the letters, the consonants and vowels so carefully on it's tongue,
It would savor each part of your name, 
Whispering it
Releasing it into the well of my ear
As delicately as a silver chain.
If I could see my heart inside my chest, 
Peer through the flesh and sinew and bone and see it beating
It would be radiating you.
Like a neon sign
Like a road map
Like a guide toward home.
If my heart could no longer live in me, 
And it had to find another home,
It would creep to your house in the dead of night
And tap softly on your window.
With all humility and hope it would ask you quietly
If it could stay there with you
If it could sleep in your bed
If it could borrow your toothbrush.
If my heart knew nothing else
If all sense and reason and fact and knowledge were whisked away
It would still, 
Know you.

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