Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When We're Us


On days when we are us
I wonder how there ever could've been a me without a you.
You're the envelope that encloses me like a letter, 
You're the stable Earth beneath my steps,
And together we are invincible.
Our love glows and expands 
Stretching upwards and outwards
It becomes a solar system, a planet, a habitat, a life form
And it contains every star
Every spectrum of color
It is beautiful, beyond any measure of words.
On days when we are not us
The sky becomes the ground and I fall right through.
I am alone in a crowd full of people.
There are too many lights, too many sounds and too many sharp teeth.
Mouths move, moths fly out.
I am impossibly alone. 
I hold on to the remnants of the days when we were us like they are jettison from our ship
The feel of your hand against my face
The way I fit into you when we hold each other in bed, like puzzle pieces, a satisfying *click* as we come together
Light on your face
Your hair messed up as you smile in bed beside me in the morning
I reread your letters
I look at your pictures.
I try to remember when everything was beautiful
And nothing hurt.

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