Monday, May 28, 2012

Home Project: Lainie's Room

Now that we've been in our new house for a couple months, I want to start working on putting it together.
{read: it's time to grow up and buy real furniture, and decorate a house}
My first project I think is going to be Lainie's bedroom.
She's such a sweet girl, but she can be so serious sometimes.
I try all the time to remind her to just be a kid, please stop frowning, go play and have fun-stop worrying!
When she came to me and told me she wanted a "fairy forest bedroom", my heart kind of lept a little.
What a precious, and childlike thing to want.
An enchanted, magic filled forest, right in her own bedroom.
I told her yes, most definitely you can have that.
So, one lazy Saturday afternoon, we headed out to Michael's to see what we could find that would start us on our way.
What did we find?
There was so much-too much, and I got completely overwhelmed.
I could've easily spent my entire month's salary in that store on fairy/forest shit, and we would've ended up with a room full of crap, not magic and enchantment.
So, I took to Pinterest.
Faithful, wonderful Pinterest.
I narrowed down my thoughts and best I could, and started pinning.
Here's what I came out with:

I wanted a good color for her walls.
Something that will grow with her a bit, so that if in a couple years we're still in this house and she's done with the enchanted forest stuff, she could pick a new theme but likely not have to repaint her room.
So that ruled out pink, purple or any other "little girl" color.
This being an enchanted forest, I thought a nice, earthy but still mostly neutral shade of green would be best.
I like this wall color for the fairy forest bedroom

Please, don't pay attention to any of the shit on the walls. 
I'm not using any of it, just the color of the walls.

Next came the floors.
We have beautiful dark wood floors in the bedrooms, so those don't need to be changed at all. 
Just an area rug.
Laying in bed one night, unable to sleep, I started thinking about her room, and it came to me: a lovely little area rug that looked like a patch of grass.
A soft little patch of grass on the dark brown wood would be perfect!
Behold: IKEA.
I know, it's hard to grasp that being right. Here's a picture of how someone used the same rug in their nursery, to mimic grass:
Rug that looks like grass for L's "fairy forest bedroom"
See? Perfect.

I thought then about the ceiling.
Lainie has been talking about a bed canopy that has flowers and fairies on it.
I wasn't sure where we'd find something like that.
i should've known: Etsy.
Lainie would just die
This is beautiful, and perfect for over her bed.
However, it's 75 bucks. I think not.
I'm fairly certain I can recreate this little gem for a lot less.
Sorry to the original creator, but it's just too pricey, and I think I can make it myself, plus add some fabric and LED lights and make it exactly what Lainie wants.

Speaking of LED lights, I don't love this headboard exactly, but I love the idea of this headboard, if you get what I'm saying:
Firefly headboard. Not this exactly, but something like it
Soft, white LED lights around the head of her bed, or maybe on her headboard, or maybe on the ceiling above her?
I just love the idea of them looking like soft fireflies, dancing around her room as she falls asleep.

This weekend, we'll be making this as a decoration for her room:
Pinned Image
Fairies in a jar.

All in all, I'm super excited to get started on this, and I really think it's going to turn out absolutely beautiful.
Hopefully she loves it for a long time.
Hopefully it helps keep that innocent little kid awake in her for a while longer.
Hopefully, above all else, it makes her smile.


  1. Wow...the4se projects look amazing!! Wanna redecorate my place???

    1. Haha I actually have very little decorating talent. This will be the first decorating project I really take on full force, because my past attempts have ended in a cluttered mess of impulse-purchased crap, and me being very very overwhelmed. Here's hoping this one works out!

  2. I want to see these pictures so bad but they aren't showing up! I am redoing my daughter's room like this and it sounds sooo beautiful! How can I see the pics?