Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Listen To This


Did you like The Format?
I said "did" because they're broken up now, but it's ok, you're still allowed to love them. 
I do.
Anyway, they broke up in 2008, sad sad, but their music was starting to get half assed and I for one was a little relieved.
Apparently however, unbenounced to me, the lead singer Nate formed a new band called Fun. with a period.
I have to say "with a period" because it's going to piss me off if people start spelling it without the period, just like when people don't write Panic! At the Disco correctly.
Anyhow, maybe you already heard of them, but I had not until just the other day, and once I heard their single "We are young" I stayed up way too late searching for, downloading and falling in love with every single one of their new songs.
Seriously, I was instantly addicted.
So give it a listen if you haven't heard of them, and listen especially if you've only heard their 1 song that's getting radio play {for the first time recently, even though it was released 4 years ago} fun. by Carrot Cake on Grooveshark

Enjoy, and have fun.
Get it???


  1. I have never heard of Fun. but I'll most definitely have to check them out.

    1. They're amazing. Life changing even. "Some nights" is my favorite so far, or "The Gambler". I don't know you at all, but I'd wager you'd love the Gambler if you listen to the lyrics :)