Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Phoenix Eats: The Red Dragon

The one thing I envy the most about people on the east coast is that they can get almost anything delivered to them, especially when it comes to food. 
In phoenix it's hard to get anything other than pizza delivered to you, and for whatever reason Chinese places that deliver are so rare, I actually never found a single one until I moved to Chandler. 
I found the Red Dragon on Yelp, actually, and have ordered from there twice. It's cheap {for Chinese food}, relatively fast, their deliver area is huge and the portions are perfectly sized and the food is really good. 
Also I've ordered their shrimp and it didn't kill me. Just an FYI if you're the type of person that is weird about ordering seafood from fast food places.
You can order on their website, which is awesome, and their pan fried dumplings are insanely delicious. They actually have nice, big, flavorful pieces of meat in them, instead of those little flecks of something kind of like meat that you get in most dumplings.
If you live in Chandler or are visiting, hit 'em up. You won't be disappointed.

Phone number: 480-722-1222


  1. That looks incredibly delicious... haven't eaten since about 9am this morning and my mouth is WATERING.

    1. You have to try it if you make it to Phoenix. We also have some bomb Mexican food. I'll give you all the hook ups if you come this summer :)