Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jackson's Fifth Happy Birthday

Jackson, today you are five. 
You've been counting down the months, weeks, days and hours until this moment since New Years, and it's finally here. 
Why were you in such a hurry to get here?
The presents, I guess.
You are just as full of personality and opinions as ever, and you bring a lot of life and spunk to this house.
Not that there is any shortage of spunk, what with you and your sister both taking after your dear old Mom like you do. But we could always use a little more.
You are headstrong, inquisitive, curious and imaginative. 
You never stop pretending, daydreaming, or playing for a second.
Unless you pause to ask another question, of course.
You play, even in bed, right up until the second you fall asleep. 
It's the cutest thing.
You want to know everything, and you do not back down in that quest for knowledge. 
You ask me probably 200,000 questions a day, and you have since you were old enough to talk.
The thing that makes it mostly bearable is that I can tell you genuinely need to know. 
You aren't just mindlessly chattering, you are studying. You are examining your world and taking it all in, and that's amazing.
And kid, you are honest.
You do not hold back with what you want to say, and it is as awesome as it is sometimes embarrassing.
If you're afraid, shy, sad, angry, frustrated or just plain done, you say so in no uncertain terms. 
The other day I tried to clip your fingernails when you didn't want me to, and you very firmly said "I am the boss of my body, and I said no"
I was very proud of you for standing up for yourself, even though it was frustrating because your nails DID NEED to be cut. Badly.
Still, I hope you never lose that.
Over all, the thing that always wins out in your personality is your sweetness.
You are so loving and affectionate with everyone. 
You kiss the cat and call her a sweetie pie, you hug me constantly, and when your sister will let you, you fawn over her like she's the light of your life.
And I'm sure at this age she really is.
You completed our family, and you never cease to amaze me.
Happy birthday, Jackson Cassidy.
Mommy loves you bigger than anyone.