Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Extending Love

Some people can be so selfish and hurtful. I wonder how they justify their terrible actions to themselves. Do they really think they are right? Do they really think that it is ok to treat people the way they do? Lately, God has been testing me. I have had several people who I considered myself close to at one time or another, throw some curve ball my way that shocked, annoyed and hurt me, not to mention made me incredibly angry. I am trying hard to let it roll off my back. Not worry about what is to come, and focus on the here and now, and just remember that Karma takes care of those that look out only for themselves. Maybe this is my Karma. Have I not been kind and open hearted enough? Have I been selfish and hasty and unkind? Its possible. I am learning now for not the first time how that feels, and I am taking the lesson to heart this time.
We need to be gentle with each other. Extend love and forgiveness and understanding rather than quick judgment and anger. Forgive one another for their human weakness and give grace to those who clearly need it.
If I wish to change the world, I have to start with changing myself. Looking out for those around me, and understanding that they too have struggles and fears and wounds and need love too. They need a little forgiveness and grace just like I do.
Maybe if I extend what I need from others to others, I will get what I need in return. Maybe I won't. But I will be something good. Even to those I don't feel deserve it.
But doesnt everybody deserve it? Dont we all deserve a break? For someone to just love us and forgive us? We all certainly need it.

Extend love rather than pass judgment. Give forgiveness rather than spite and revenge. Open your heart and love even when it hurts and makes you angry. Maybe you will get a little back. I am hoping I will anyway.

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