Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fighting Kids!

Oh. MY. G O D!!!!! I cannot TAKE the fighting anymore! It is constant. Jack and Lainie go at it all the time. Literally, they wake me up in the morning, complaining in unison about something the one of them did. "Mom he won't share!" "Mom, Lainie won't stop bossing me!" M O O O O M M M !!!!!!!! Shut up!! I don't want to hear it, you guys work it out or you're both going back to bed!!!! Ugh. I hate the fighting, it drives me crazy. I never imagined how much a 7 year old could fight with a 2 year old. I thought it was just him who would want everything she picked up to play with but NO! She does the exact same thing. Any time he has anything that he's playing with, she wants it too, and expects him to hand it over and thats called sharing. But if he even LOOKS at one of her toys, all hell breaks loose.

I better have some coffee and enjoy the current silence as they play queitly in seperate rooms, because it won't last long. And then the fighting will resume, and once again I will be praying to the nap time Gods for 12:30 to come as soon as possible.

How do parents of several kids do it?! Do their kids not fight? That doesn't seem possible. Do they start drinking earlier in the day than I do?....well maybe.

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