Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inviting it In

And all that jazz. Do you believe that paying attention to something invites it in? Do you really think that only inviting in positive and happy things, that only positive and happy things will happen to you? Is it really that simple?! Is THAT the answer to lifes problems, after all these centuries of suffering and pain, is it really so easy as just NOT inviting in negative things, by not paying attention to them?

Well maybe that is the answer. And maybe nobody has figured it out yet because it's harder than it sounds to never ever ever think a negative thought, at least for me. Like today, an old client posted a crappy and completely untrue review about my business online, because his birth ended poorly and he wanted someone to blame (even after I gave him a refund) and I instantly thought "Oh my God, my business is ruined! I am never going to get another client! People will SEE this review and not hire me! Not even call me!" Now, thats probably not completely true, is it? I mean, sure, some people will see that review and maybe not call me to be their doula. Some people will see it and be a little more hard on me during the interview. Some people will see it, and now care at all and call me anyway. But not EVERYONE who is looking for a doula will see that review, and it will not ruin my business. Make things harder, maybe? Sure. But it will not ruin me. However, did I invite it to ruin me by thinking it could? Did I just doom myself, or did the review doom me? I guess we will never know....

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