Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All the things we loved together

Meet me in California
Where I will have become the crashing waves and swooping birds we loved so much
The things we loved together
Meet me where the shoreline is frayed with the salt water spray and the fog clings to the cliffs all morning long
Meet me there, where we felt small and silent
All our words smothered in our chests by the hush of the sea
You will be cold in the morning air
Standing with your bare feet buried in the sand
And as you shiver and wait for the sun to rise behind you
Look a little further down the shore and you will find me
Building castles and cathedrals
Chasing the waves with wild things in my hair
And you will know me
You will know me from your past and all your dreams
You will know me for what I was, and for everything I alw
ays wanted to be
You will know that I am not gone, I am just someplace else.
Someplace where there is always fog and salt water
Always amber and rose sunrises and a place that feels like home
Meet me in California and I will remind you
That I haven't left for good, I am only waiting
Waiting for the day
When all our chores and tasks are done
And you come home.
Come home to only me, and all the things we loved together.

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