Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Terribly Apathetic

I am feeling terribly apathetic this week. I used to know a boy who used to say "A brain with atrophy=apathy." It's pretty true. I become apathetic from boredom, monotony, stress and struggle. I think I need a vacation.....Summer is coming and I would love to get out of town. Dave and I are taking the kids to his home town, and up to his grandparents summer house to see his family and get the hell out of the heat. But I think I need something more like an adventure... I want to be waist deep in the ocean, in water so clean and blue you can see to the bottom, with a drink in my hand that has some fruity, girly name while the sun bakes my skin. Then at night I want to dance beside a fire roasting some kind of animal, in a gauzy white summer dress and no shoes, slightly drunk, kissing my dude all the way back to our cabana that open windows and white linen floating in the breeze. In essence, I need to live out the crap they display in cologne commercials or advertisements for erectile dysfunction. Ever going to happen? Probably not. A wonderful dream? Absolutely.
In the meantime, I am still dreadfully bored and day dreamy and completely restless. I think its the onset of Summer. This season just does something to me...every year.

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