Monday, June 6, 2011

The Trip!

What a trip. I just got home from Vegas, literally like 10 minutes ago, and as exhausted as I am and as desperately as I want a shower, a nightshirt and a long nap, I also felt like I needed to write this all down while it was still fresh on my mind and in my heart.

Vegas was amazing, to say it as shortly and simply as possible. Amazing really doesn't touch it though. I spent two whole days with my still very new boyfriend, even though I've known him for a long time, and I honestly couldn't have been happier or more relaxed the entire time. We walked around, had good food, napped together, drank, laughed, made ridiculous jokes and spent some pretty awesome quality time together all alone with no kids, work, or distractions period. In fact the only time we turned on the T.V. was to use it to check out. Heaven.

We flew there in Batman's plane, which was definitely the smallest plane I've ever flown on, so I was super nervous before we left. I had never flown with him before, I had never been on a plane that small, and a two hour flight for my very FIRST FLIGHT seemed totally out of my league. I was sure I was going to vomit everywhere, have a huge panic attack and Batman would never speak to me again. But it was actually super cool! That little plane kind of kicks ass. It's fun, and it's intimate. I got to sit right next to Batman the entire time and talk to him on a super fancy headset that I'm sure made me look sexy, and see everything we were flying over. Batman was also amazing at making me feel safe. He explained everything to me before it happened, and even gave me a kiss for good luck right before we took off. What a guy :)
Just to give you an idea, this isn't his plane, but it's basically the same thing:

So of all the things I was scare of about going on my first vacation with Batman, the flight was like #1 on my list. Once that was done and I realized that it was actually really fun, it was on to the rest of the shit that had been given me anxiety pretty much ever since we set a date for our trip.

We stayed at the New York New York Hotel. I had never been there, but it was really cool! Of all the hotels and casinos we walked through, the New York New York was the only one that didn't look identical to everything else we saw. It was really original, and a pretty fun atmosphere, although really smoky just like everywhere else in Vegas. I haven't smoked since I got sick almost a week ago, and man just a few days without smoking makes you realize how strong cigarette smoke is. After this trip, I am not even the least bit tempted to smoke again. That's saying something, cuz as disgusting as it sounds, I really liked smoking. Anyway! Back to the story. This was our room:
And yes, that is totally a jacuzzi in the corner. Awesome! I L-O-V-E hot tubs. Especially ones that are like 5 feet from my bed :) We had a pretty sweet time in this room, to say the least! ;)

This might sound lame, but we didn't see any shows, we didn't eat at a bunch of different restaurants, (a burger place and P.F. Changs, room service and then the Henderson Airport Cafe) we didn't gamble at all really, except one huge slot machine that we played long enough to make 20 bucks and then cashed out, and we didn't even go to the Pawn Shop that Batman wanted to see from the show Pawn Stars. We walked around a lot, we went to a classic car show, we ordered room service for dinner our last night there, we went to one bar the first night and two the last night, and even though we got drunk (really drunk, and possibly roofied) at the bar we went to the last night we were there, we still went back to the room early and were in bed by 11:30. That might sound lame to you, but to me, this was one of the best trips I have ever been on in my life.
We got lost looking for a car show and laughed at how silly we were. We wandered through a dirty casino and sat on the floor together in a gift shop. We picked out our favorite cars, and tried to guess what the other person would order for dinner. We shared some orange peel chicken and had a cool private booth and a bitchy waitress at P.F. Changs. We had a lot of small, sweet moments that I will remember for a long time.

I think what made it so amazing is that Batman is a really kick ass person. He's sweet, and a really old school gentleman in a lot of ways. He opens the door for you, he says please and thank you, he even offers to get up at 5:30 in the morning with a bruised and sprained foot to hobble down the hall and get you water because you're thirsty and hungover. He cares when you're upset, even if it's only a little upset over something small and stupid, and he truly considers your feelings. But he's also really sarcastic, and witty and just fun to be around. It was an awesome trip because I really believe now we could go anywhere together, and do anything (or do nothing!) and still have a really good time.

There is no one else in the world that I would rather walk 6 miles around Vegas with, or get sunburned with, or fly in a tiny plane over the desert with, or be retarded in a jacuzzi with, or get drunk at a bar and talk to smelly Scottish man or weird Canadians and get hit on by British people with. He really is like 95% of what was so cool about this trip. He's the amazing. At least most of it.

I am tired, my ears are ridiculously plugged and refusing to pop, I need a shower and some hard core sleep but I feel completely and totally blessed and way luckier than I deserve. It was a good trip, and it's good to be home. Perfectly. Blessed. (Unfortunately we also didn't take like even 1 picture, which sucks, but I guess that makes the memories that much more precious, right?)

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