Friday, June 3, 2011

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Halleluuuuuuuujah!

FINALLY! After like 4 fucking days my ridiculously sore throat and grotesquely swollen left tonsil is finally better!!!!!

And you know what fixed it?!

Antibiotics? Of course not! It was the following, as told to me by my lovely naturopathic doctor/hippie guru voodoo queen:

1. Massage Grapefruit Essential Oil onto the outside of your throat, directly onto the swollen lymph nodes 3-4 times daily

2. Drink the Green Machine Naked Smoothie, or Green Goddess Bolthouse Smoothie. This shit is packed with Spirulina, Zinc, Garlic, Spinach, and tons of other immune system boosting vitamins and nutrients that kick any infections ass!

3. Up your water intake to some seriously crazy amount, obviously, as you should whenever you get sick PERIOD

4. Increase your Vitamin D and Zinc intake

WORKED LIKE A MURTHER FURKING CHARM! In one day, I am totally healed. As soon as I used the grapefruit essential oil, I felt so much better. Not completely, but so much. Not to be super gross, but I literally felt everything clear up and decongest, and it felt amazing! Anyone that knows me knows how much I hate antifuckingbiotics, and I am all about the natural remedies, and I am always so happy when THEY WORK! Better, faster and safer than alopathic medicine ever has. It's like an In-Your-Face to traditional, Western Medicine.

Ahhhh I am so happy to feel so much better. It is amazing how good "normal" feels after being sick for almost a week. Thank you to naturopathic doctors everywhere! I love you all!!!!!!

Gooooooooodnight! :)

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