Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Discover Me

I need to shake this heavy, stagnant cloak of apathy
And feel a wild fire ignite in my ribcage.
I want to run 1000 miles and sing 1000 songs from the top of my lungs
Until my whole body burns with the fire 1000 suns.
I want an adventure.
I want to feel my pulse beat blood behind my ears, and feel the tinge of fear as we step off into the unknown.
I want to be discovered, moved, stretched and bruised.
I want the heat and the sweat and pain of love stretching it's wings inside my veins
Tearing the fragile layers of me to make room for itself
To make me new.
I want to be carried away to someplace dark and quiet
Where you will sweep the hair away from my face and breath promises into the well of my ear
With heavy breath and urgent lips
Kissing me until I dissolve
A spark
A star
A glimmer of a stone beneath the sea
Compressed and shaped by this wild love
Into something much more free than all this waiting
All this wondering
All this longing and hopeless dreaming
Days ticking by in hour long minutes as I wait sleepily 
For something to happen.

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