Friday, August 26, 2011

Long Drives

I would like to take a very long drive with you
Winding down a dirt road with trees on both sides
Punctuated by clearings, and fields full of grass
With the windows down. 
We can smell the summer night, and my hair can dance on the rushing wind
You could put one hand on my leg
We could sing along to the radio
Or hum together in the silence.
We could park in a clearing
Spread a blanket on the hood
And while we watch the stars you could listen to the butterflies that live in my stomach
You could sooth the wolves that pace beneath my skin.
We could lay there in the heat and the dark
With everything that's left to do, all the places left to go, and all the words we've yet to speak
Stretched out before us
Like a country road.

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