Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This is part of a writing project shared with a fellow blogger. You are assigned a word. Just one word, and you have to write whatever comes to you based on your assigned word. 

My word is Stars. 

I remember night swimming with you
In your apartment complex pool
With beers packed into a bag, and fresh boxes of cigarettes
We'd walk through the thick summer night and make small talk
Until we got to the gate of the pool and I had to jump it
You held your arms out to catch me
My childish giggling rising up into the inky night sky
Evaporating in the humid air
The water was warm as a bath left sitting too long
Rivers of water running soft as silk down my arms from my hair
And your face as pale as the moon.
You exhaled smoke in thick plumes and craned your neck back to stare upwards.
"I hate this city." You'd whisper "You cannot see more than 5 stars at night."
I looked up too and counted the stars we could see easily aloud 
You laughed and said 
"Ok, then you cannot see more than eleven stars at night."
I was determined as always to prove you wrong
Not so I could be right
But so that you might see some beauty in this place
So that you might realize how much you're missing
So that you might want to stay here.
In the end it was me that always left
Walking barefoot to my car, my swimsuit dripping a trail on the ground
Little drops of water shining like Hansel's breadcrumbs in the moonlight
So that you might follow me
So that you might find me
So that you might, just this one time, ask me to stay.

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