Monday, October 24, 2011

62 Things I Love About You


1. The way you smile. It literally lights up the whole room.
2. The sound of your laugh. It's genuine and happy and you make the cutest face when you laugh.
3. The way you smell. Delicious.
4. Your chivalry. You save the good parking spot for me, you open doors, you come help me when I have flat tires and you always walk me to my car.
5. The way you throw your leg over my hip when we lay in bed together.
6. You always watch the shows I like with me.
7. The little back east accent you get when you're hungry.
8. You save all the mixed the CD's I make for you.
9. You text me good morning, and goodnight, every day.
10. You tell me that I'm beautiful.
11. You write me letters and give me cards, and BEARS, for no reason.
12. The way you kiss me. The way it makes me feel weak, and I can't decide if I want to keep kissing you, or collapse against you and tell you over and over how much I love you.
13. The way you cuddle with me in movie theaters. 
14. The way you talk to me at 1 in the morning if I'm too drunk and can't find my friend.
15. The way you take my hand and lead me through big crowds like you're protecting me.
16. The way you look with a shampoo mohawk :)
17. The way you always have a glass of water waiting for me when I come over at night.
18. The way you touch my face.
19. The way you look at me.
20. The way you say I love you.
21. The way you're always warm but never sweaty when I hug you.
22. Your sweet calves.
23. The way my hand feels tiny in yours.
24. The way you hold my hand when you drive.
25. You always help me cook when I cook for you. 
26. You're a good dad, and you genuinely love being a father.
27. The way you're so cute with little kids.
28. The way you look when you first wake up in the morning.
29. How you love me with everything you have, and you don't hold back.
30. How hard you try to make me feel happy and special and loved.
31. You're intelligent, which is a rare quality. 
32. Your dedication to us.
33. You read my blog, and you say you like my writing.
34. When I'm upset, you care.
35. You're kind. A lot of people are nice. Not many people are truly kind. You are.
36. You're selfless.
37. You're brave.
38. You're fucking HILARIOUS. I laugh so hard when I'm with you.
39. Being with you is peaceful.
40. You're strong. 
41. Your dedication to us. You are overcoming and accepting and forgiving mistakes that could've killed us, because you love me. I've never been loved that much. And I never will be again by anyone else.
42. You're unbelievably sexy.
43. You make being 41 look fucking amazing. You're way too hot for your age.
44. You're not cocky, or boastful or overly macho. You're a man. You act like a man.
45. You get me.
46. You entertain all my ridiculous ideas, like going swimming in the beginning of October, even though you know it's too cold. 
47. You go find stars with me.
48. I could talk to you all night, and never get tired of what you have to say.
49. I can sit with you quietly, and never feel uncomfortable in the silence.
50. You kiss me, hug me and hold my hand in public.
51. You always text back.
52. The way you rub my back.
53. Panther nights!
54. Not lunch!
55. Skip days!
56. You genuinely try. You make an effort. You care.
57. You make the best of shitty situations.
58. I can do anything with you, and we'll find something to laugh or smile or joke about.
59. The way you hold me.
60. You'll go out of your way for the people you love.
61. You love with all your heart. As hard and as big as you possibly can.
62. You're simply beautiful. Inside and out. You amaze me, every single day that I know you with your strength, your compassion your honesty and your warmth. You make me want to try harder, to love more, to be more open, honest and giving. You make me want to be better. 

You are the love of my life. 

And there are a million things I love about you.

This list just contains a few.

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