Monday, October 17, 2011


As painful as it was
As much as it ripped our hearts out
As much it was vulnerable
And hard
I've never felt closer to you
I've never been more willing to begin again
To try harder
To be committed 
To work through it
To be only yours.
I've never felt more in love
I've never felt more accepted and understood
I've never felt more able to tell you anything
And open up to you even at my darkest.
I've never valued you more
I've never treasured us more deeply.

I love you more than my mouth can say
I love you more than my arms can hold
I love you more than my mind can bear
I love you more than there are hours in the day.

I love you like there's no tomorrow, 
And I would walk through fire to show you how sorry I am.

We've been through darkness
We've been through Hell
We've bled and we've cried and we've screamed and we've broke each other's hearts

But we're here and we're trying and I'm not giving up.

This is a new day
This is a new promise
This is a new beginning

And I've never loved you more.

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