Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Friday Diary: Blink 182 made new music and I don't understand Doctor Who

1. Do you ever feel a weird kind of hangover after big holidays? Not the kind from drinking too much, but more like an underlying feeling of absolute exhaustion, mentally and physically, from running around too much, planning too much, hosting too much and eating too much? I do. Maybe it's a mom thing, I don't know. I was tired as all get out this whole week.

2. "Jackson if you don't eat your dinner I'm going to take all your socks away for the rest of the week" - Hands down the weirdest threat I've ever made. Jackson does have a weird attachment to his socks though, and I was running out of options.

3. This week I read Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Neffenegger. I read her other book, the Time Traveler's Wife, and absolutely loved it. Read it three times, actually and made everyone I know read it too. This book, sadly, will not be referred to anyone. The writing was beautiful, of course, the characters were unique and vivid, but halfway through the book it all takes a very strange turn, and starts to feel like a different story altogether. It was like she couldn't decide what tale she really wanted to tell, so she told several at once but they didn't fit together. Also it just became so strange and unbelievable it was more frustrating and eye-roll inducing than it was captivating or moving. I'd give it two stars. Take it to the beach with your or on a plane. Or use it to balance that one dining room table leg that's oddly shorter than the rest.

4. So I hopped on the Doctor Who bandwagon this week and started watching from the beginning. (the 2005 beginning not the 1980's beginning). Can someone explain to me...what the hell is going on? Does this show ever stop being so cheesy (pig aliens and unbelievably bad CGI) or is that like...the thing? The episodes are no doubt entertaining, and funny in a "Are they serious?!" way, and I have a feeling that there is a deeper story line underneath that it might just take more than 5 episodes to uncover completely, but still. I couldn't get past the pig aliens.

5. Blink 182 came out with another new EP in December, but I just found out about it last week, so it's new to me. Have you guys heard it? If not you need to go download it right now. It's only $4.00 on iTunes, so really there's no excuse. Everyone, vibe with me, please.

6. Pinterest had many wonderful things to offer this week. From funny pictures, to sucker punches in your emotional ball sack, Pinterest never lets you down.

Word, Pinterest. Word.

7. One of my all time favorite clients from my days as a doula, emailed me yesterday to ask if I would be there for the birth of her second baby. I was overjoyed, and so touched, but also sad because I didn't think I'd be able to do it now that I have a fulltime job. After about 20 minutes of feeling depressed, I decided hey, what the hell. Just do it without charging them in exchange for their willingness to be flexible about your work hours, and don't miss something this special.
After the drama and exhaustion of the last several months, I could use the absolutely magical feeling that only comes from witnessing a new life rushing into this world.
I'll be there.

8. Hey look everybody. We made it to 8 this week. That's impressive. Probably only to me.

Happy Friday. 

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  1. Love reading these. Weird to think Blink 182 is growing up... I was / am a huge fan of Tom Delonge's project, AVA (Angels and Airwaves) and even went and saw them live. Cool stuff.