Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When It Rains


If it were up to me, everything would stop when it rained, and we'd be together.
For as long as the storm made music on the roof and windows, and everything outside was stuck in the twilight blue and grey of a world under water, there would be no responsibilities.
No jobs that need doing, no clocks that need winding, no houses that need cleaning, and no one that needs our attention or time but the two of us.
And there would be plenty of blankets, and more than enough pillows, but the only one I'd need would be your chest.
One arm wrapped around my waist, and an entire afternoon of torrential downpour, 
Drowning out the sound of everything else that makes so much noise, and distracts me from your smile.
From the blue of your eyes
And the smell of your skin
And the way the palm of your hand on the side of my face makes me sleepy
If it were up to me the only thing we'd be required to do when it rained
Would be being together.

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