Saturday, November 26, 2011

You Are


You are the daydreams that I get lost in on my drive to work.
The little silent movies of our memories, playing in my head
And my school-girl imaginings of what our life might be like tomorrow, next week, five years from now.
You are the ink that flows forward from my pen when I thought I had run out of words.
I can talk endlessly about you, darling,
And still never quite explain for you my love.
You are the fog that crawls up my window at night,
Chilling the glass and leaving tracks of sugary ice on the sill for me to find the next morning
Sparkling in the earliest light of the sun,
Giving me something to smile about as soon as I wake up.
You are the breath that fills me when I gasp in excitement,
Staring up at a star filled sky with wonder in the cold November air.
You are the beats in my heart that never skip,
And the part of my soul that always glows.

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