Friday, December 16, 2011

Who Are You?


Do you know you?
But do you have too much time on your hands and want to find some way to waste it?
If so, here you go!

Find out what you need in a relationship to feel loved. It's actually pretty accurate!

The 9 basic personality types. This one was so accurate, it was actually creepy. It was like I wrote about myself, but with a bigger vocabulary and better diction.

This is the one that assigns you a bunch of letters that make up your personality.

So what were my results, you may {but probably aren't} wondering?

Well, my love language is Quality Time and Words of Affirmation, which is highly accurate.

My Enneagram number was 7, and if you read the description of a seven here, anyone that knows me would say it's me, spot on.

And my Meyer-Briggs was an ENFJ, and you can find a good description of that here.  The description it linked me to on the test website was really long, dry and kind of inaccurate. The one linked to above was much better, and I mostly agreed with it. 

So, who are you anyway?

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