Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chunk Monkey: A 1 Week Update


So last Sunday I talked about the time I got fat, and how I still am, in my opinion, carrying more weight than I should. 
When I posted that, I was tipping the scales at 167 lbs exactly. 
So over the last week I've started ramping back up to my own version of the Paleo Diet where I basically only eat meat, fish and chicken, nuts, fruits and veggies and healthy fat like Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some dairy, like goat cheese and real butter and I allow myself Greek Yogurt for the protein.
But absolutely no: wheat, corn, gluten, grain, beans or potatoes.

I also have started slowly cutting out soda, even diet soda, and watching my meal portions a little better.

The result? 

I now weigh 157 lbs and 4 oz.

It's only been a week, and I'm still getting back into the swing of the Paleo thing. On Saturday I had a long work meeting at a hotel in Scottsdale, so the catered lunch they provided wasn't exactly Paleo friendly, and I didn't exactly turn it down. Also, Bill and I ate at Hillside on Saturday night where I may or may not have had corn tortillas, and then Captain and Coke later that night.
Like I said, I'm ramping back up.

But my jeans are starting to slide of my booty and I have less of a butt-in-the-front tummy thing goin on, so yay!

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