Sunday, January 8, 2012



I wanted to watch the sunlight climb your body like a building symphony
To lay beside you in the beginning of a day and watch light find it's way over the valley of the small of your back, the cavern between your shoulder blades and the soft rolling peak of your strong arms.
The sun would slide down the slope of your neck like a child on a playground thinking of nothing but joy and lighthearted afternoons in the sand
And finally it would make it's way over your jaw line and through all your hair to your eyelids
Where it's warmth would gently coax open your eyes and you would find me there
Waiting for you in the morning air to come alive
And your sleepy grin would part your lips like a high school play curtain
Revealing the beginning of a story
A prince and his princess on a stage
Ready to paint the sky with their love
And tell the world their names.


  1. Thank you, anonymous. Do you mind telling me how you found my blog? Do I know you in "real life"? Always interested in knowing my readers better :)