Sunday, January 15, 2012

Take Me With You


We could go to Mexico. Stand waist deep in the ocean and kiss the salt water off each other's lips. Eat camarones al ajillio in a little cantina on the beach with our feet in the sand. Drink tequila on red tile patios and sway together under the moonlight to the distant sound of a mariachi band, with our sunburned noses and your wide smile.


We could go to San Francisco. Drink coffee in the foggy morning air, still lingering in our pajamas over our breakfast on our hotel balcony, talking about how beautiful the hills were, all rolling down toward the coast. We could ride the trolley and see Alcatraz and hold hands as you lead me down the beach.


We could go to New Orleans and wander the streets in the French Quarter, me in my white dress and you in your blue shirt, and we'd quietly adore all the brick buildings and colorful storefronts. We could buy paper flowers from the street vendors, scented with incense and perfume to keep bad spirits away as we wander through the ancient graveyards and feel so mortal beside the crumbling mausoleums.  At night when the streets fill with music we could go out dancing, and we'd laugh and spin and kiss in the blur of the colored lights, full of spicy Cajun food and wonder and love.


We could go to a cabin someplace cold, where we would lose ourselves in the romance and the bliss of being somewhere quiet and still together. We could walk through the snow until my nose was too cold and our cheeks were too pink, and then find our way back to our fire and our thick rug, where we'd share a blanket and let all the sweetness and the tenderness wrap us up, until we were so warm.


We could go to in Ohio.

It doesn't matter where we go, where we end up, or how we get there. 
Just take me with you, wherever you're wandering away to, and it will become a place that belongs to us. That speaks our names whenever we go back there, and greets us with so many sweet memories of the love we felt, and the small moment in time where we escaped, ran away, and found a haven in each other, and adventure in the simplest of places.

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