Saturday, February 4, 2012


In no uncertain terms, you have ruined me, darling.
You've ruined my body for the hands of any other,
For they would always demand your touch above all else.
You've ruined my heart for the love of any other, 
For it would always beat out your name in that echoing Morris code you taught it.
You've ruined the small of my back for the touch of any other, 
For it would never forget the way you used to place your hand there, and lead me through a room.
You've ruined my lips for the kiss of any other, 
For they would never forget how they were once bitten and made raw by the heat of your own.
You have simply taken up all the space within me,
So that no other man could find any room for himself
And you have written your name on all my walls 
And taken well enough care of me
That I could just never be suited by the attention of any other.
What a pleasant way to be demolished.

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