Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Momisms: The Mother's Day Let Down


Well, Mother's Day is about a week away
{On May 13th, for you slacker ass kids and husbands who don't know when the fuck it is}
and this year, like every other year, I am not looking forward to it.
See, no matter what situation you're in, Mother's Day usually sucks balls for you.
It either never lives up to your expectations, or it never happens at all, or you spend the entire day hosting a holiday for other people just like every other fucking holiday, and it never seems to be about what it's supposed to be about: celebrating and rewarding you for not only giving up crack during your pregnancy, but actually managing to sacrifice day in and day out for a bunch of tiny people who really don't give two shits about the fact that making dinner for the entire family is hard, or that you once upon a time had a life and friends before someone started calling you Mom.
Mother's Day is supposed to be our day,
Our one day of rest and relaxation where we get to do as much nothingness as we want, all in the name of "Hey you're a good mom. Thank you."
I've been a single mom for almost every single Mothers Day of the past 9 years, and almost every single one of them was depressing as hell.
My kids are still too little now to get actual gifts or take me anywhere, but they make me handmade cards, which is fine, and I end up taking them out to breakfast or lunch or something, like every other fucking day of the year that we go out, and I sit there depressed as Hell while they fight, and then I pay our bill and we leave.
There was also a time though when they were too little to even make handmade gifts, or even speak.
So unless my dad said it to me, I was lucky to even hear happy mother's day.
And I'm not feeling sorry for myself.
I know lots of older women who raised their kids alone, who all have the same stories. 
Even if you have a husband or a boyfriend or someone around that tries to make Mother's Day nice for you, I think most of the time it gets ruined because unless you ARE a mom, you don't really understand what Mother's Day is about.
Unless you are a mom you have this weird idea that mothers day is about the kids.
It's about spending sweet quality time with your lovely children and being rewarded and thankful for being a mom.
That's what every other day of the year is for, except the other 364 days of the year, you're emotionally rewarded and not given nice gifts and cards with glitter on them.
Mother's Day is supposed to be just that: YOUR DAY.
A day when you get to eat pancakes until you feel sick and lay in bed while someone entertains your children and possibly cleans your house.
It should be a day when everyone smiles at you, and people are genuinely grateful for what you do for your family.
Because you do a lot.

Now I'm not saying men have it easy.
I'm sure Father's Day for single dads is just as miserable as mother's day for single moms. 
And maybe a lot of wives and girlfriends don't get Fathers Day right for their man any more than a man gets Mother's Day right for his girl, but the moral of the story is these holidays are bullshit.
They seem to be the days when you're kids are the most grumpy and difficult, you are the most depressed and emotional, and absolutely freaking nothing goes right.

Maybe we should all just get really bombed on Saturday and sleep straight through Sunday, so nobody has to be disappointed or cry alone in a booth at IHOP while two small children try to hurt each other with pitchers of syrup.

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Of all the jobs on earth, the job of mother is the one that I have the most respect for. Here's to you and to all the mothers out there Sarah...I have great admiration for you.

  2. that post made me depressed...holy going to go clean my moms house and cook something nice for her now i have an awesome day and dont forget to your blog btw

    1. Haha sorry to depress you, but if it inspired you to give your mom an awesome day then I'm only half sorry ;) Thanks for the kind comments about my blog, I'm glad you like it!!