Friday, March 23, 2012

The Friday Diary: 1 Month from Today


Today is Friday, and it's also a very special day.
Why is it special, you may ask?
Well, not because it's jeans day at work {which Friday usually is but this week isn't. Fuckers.}
And not because it's only 24 more hours until my special weekly night with Bill {because he's in California with his kids until Sunday. Fucker.}
No, today is a special day because I leave for Italy in exactly one month from this very day.
Ohmygodcrazy, right?!

I actually still can't really believe I'm going to Italy.
I have a very tight schedule planned for us for our trip:

-Arrive in Rome, check into our hotel
-Roll out of bed, explore a bit, find some carb loaded food and eat too much of it
-Drink wine. Too much of that too.
-Wake up and realize it's dinner time. Repeat food and wine process.
-Nap some more
-Get up the next day and explore Rome and maybe go to the Vatican
-Be in awe of the amazing frescos 
-Have lunch

This schedule will basically repeat, with minor variances in where we're exploring each day, but generally I plan to see everything, eat almost everything, and sleep and relax in the arms of my man to my hearts content.
How I will fit that much sleeping and adventuring into the same schedule I'm not totally sure.
But I'm Italian so I'm sure I can figure it out.

1 month from today.
Can't come soon enough!

UPDATE: Look what was waiting in the mail for me when I  got home today:
I wish y'all could've seen my face.
Although it was pretty similar to the face I'm making in this picture:
Ok. No more pictures of me with my passport, I promise. 

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