Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Sorry, Photo Challenge

So, I suck, I'm aware. I've missed two separate weeks of the 2012 photo challenge, one of them being this week, and there's just no excuse. 
I didn't even just forget to post the picture, I straight up don't have the fucking picture, period.
I know, I suck. I believe I started this whole post with that very sentimate.
Anyway, while I might now have a picture of "Play" which was this weeks subject, I do have some good pictures to show you and hope we can all still be friends.
Yes, these are just the pictures that happened to be in my phone that I uploaded to my computer and then into this blog, slapped a caption on each and called it good.
Deal with it.

They begged  for their own rooms. And when they get them, what to do they do? Come sleep together in mine.

Dude, are Jack and I totally twinsies in this picture, or WHAT?!

Conceited, I'm aware. This is just a picture of me I found on my phone and touched up a bit so you could actually see my face {the sun was initially totally washing out everything below my eyes} and I realized I liked it. A rare thing for me, to like a picture of myself. I considered it worth celebrating. 

So there you have it. 
I also had a SUPER cute one of Jack and Lainie in the tub together, but you can see Lainie's upper half, which is bare, and the world being what it is these days about pictures of kids, I figured I wouldn't post it. 
You would've just died though. Just died. I promise. 

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