Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Easter Weekend

After seeing Titanic and waiting FOREVER for our pizza to come. 
Look who got breakfast in bed:
Banana pancakes, made from scratch by the best boyfriend ever. 
AND he even cleaned the ENTIRE kitchen afterwards. 
Now THAT is some blog-worthy shit right there!

The kids riding the carousel at the park after playing for hours in the splash pad.

My dad rode a pretty pink pony on the carousel at the park. This picture alone is enough black mail to last me a lifetime, 
Fresh organic strawberries 


  1. Looks like you had a fun Easter weekend? How was the Titanic re-release? I want to go see it this week.

    1. I had a wonderful weekend, how about you? I saw you went home to visit your family. Titanic was as awesome as ever, but we saw it in 3D which aside from being way more expensive than the already jacked up ticket prices, isn't any different than regular movies unless it's IMAX 3D, which this isn't. So if you're going to go, save your money and just see it in regular version.