Tuesday, May 22, 2012



I saw you once, 
In a coffee shop
But you didn't see me.
It was when your heart was heavy and hurting, and I could see it in your eyes.
In the way you kept both hands wrapped around your mug for warmth, even though it wasn't the slightest bit cold out,
And in the way you stared so distantly out the window, but clearly weren't seeing anything that passed by the glass.
I wanted to say something to you, but thought better of it.
I didn't want you to wear yourself out making pleasantries, when it was so obviously taking all you had just to sit upright.
I didn't want to see the way your eyes would only light up halfway, 
I couldn't bear to see you force yourself to smile when you were so close to tears.
So I left you alone.
I  drank my coffee and watched you watch nothing outside the window.
Before I left I stood behind you for a while-too long, wondering if I should hug you without saying a word, then leave quickly before you could see how red my face would turn.
But your back looked too formidable, crouched over with grief, and I couldn't make my arms move to wrap around it.
Plus, you never turned around, you never acknowledged me there, even though I know you must have felt me.
So I wished the glass pieces of your breaking heart the best, and walked away.
Hoping that you'd find the strength to make them into a beautiful mosaic.


  1. Wow...this was the most beautiful thing I've ever read of yours...powerful.

    1. Thank you! That's a very nice thing to say :)