Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Speak to Me

Yesterday's post was sad and weepy and heavy and dark, and quite self serving.
But I appreciate you all listening, and I very much appreciate the kind and insightful comments I received that were completely without judgment. 
That's awesome.
And the texts from friends who saw the post, offering a shoulder to cry on and someone to listen, and reminding me that for every time I fuck up, I do at least two things that are equally awesome, so I should stop crying because no one likes a big vagina.
I have the best friends.
As a reward for all of your love and sarcasm, I decided I would give you a little musical gold to wrap up your day with. 
You probably already heard these, but they're new to me, and it's my blog. 
I do what I want.

Anyway, we'll start off with Lana Del Ray, and her amazing, deep, sultry voice that is so unlike all the high and whiny pop shit out there.

Once you calm down after watching that sexpot video, you can move on to a new song by Jason Mraz that so completely reminds me of Bill and I right now, it actually made me cry tears when I heard it on my drive home tonight.

Hopefully this makes up for all my bitching and whining yesterday.
Thanks for listening.
Haha, get it? Thanks for listening? Like, to my bitching AND to the songs I posted?

Shut up, I'm very tired.

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