Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Friday Diary: A Week of Worry and Healing


It's Friday. 
I don't have a whole bunch of pictures of what we ate or the things we did, because we ate things like pizza and left over spaghetti in between getting home from work/daycare and going to the hospital to visit my dad.
Oh, yeah, we also ate hospital food.
It wasn't awesome, nor was it picture worthy.
But, the good news is my dad's surgery went as well as could be expected. As of right now, they're calling the surgery curative, and chemotherapy is not being recommended at this time.
That's exactly how the doctor put it.
It was some of the best news I've gotten in my life.
For those of you who sent emails, text messages and left comments or private messages, encouraging and comforting and checking in, thank you.
Really, thank you.
I might not have written back to all of you. 
I might not have sounded as grateful as I was.
But every single "how are you doing?" or "how is your dad?" or "Thinking of you' message meant the world to me.
And in case you were wondering, I did end up taking the day off. 
And Wednesday too.
I waited in the waiting room, I fed my father ice chips, and I watched T.V. with the kids and ate chocolate covered pretzels. We healed. We coped. We were thankful for good news. 
And we napped. A lot.
Napping is good.

So, that was our week.
And now it's Friday, and I just have to get through one more day before I can have an All-Pajamas-All-The-Time weekend with the kids while Bill is in California with his kids.
It's gonna be awesome.

Happy Friday.
I hope you all have a quiet, predominantly pajamas only attired weekend, with the people you love. The people you would take the day off work to wait for in the hospital if they were having surgery.

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  1. I'm glad everything went well. I sent some prayers to God, the saints and angels for your dad.