Tuesday, June 12, 2012

McDreamy McDiction


I recently discovered Grey's Anatomy.
AKA: the new reason why my kids are running around in their underwear and the house smells like water buffalo.
This show is dangerous.
I can't stop myself.
It's like a dirty mistress, and I find myself thinking about it all the time.
Just waiting for the next time when I can go home, lay in my bed in a huge t-shirt with the fan on, and watch as many episodes as I want, whilst freely and openly crying at the sad parts, and wishing I had a best friend like Cristina Yang.
I honestly can't believe I never knew how good this show was before.
Really, it's my own fault.
I am a natural contrarian when it comes to t.v. shows. Don't ask me why.
When a new show comes out that is "all the rage", I find myself almost instantly opposed to watching it. Once I hear the girl from processing in my office who has wall-eye and an I.Q. lower than some of the chicken embryos that once existed in the eggs in my fridge, talking in the break room about how much she just LOOOVEES show XYZ, my resolve to never watch show XYZ only strengthens.
Did you know I've never seen a single episode of Lost?
Did you know I watched the very first episode of 24 after the series was cancelled in it's like 11th season?
And now I'm watching Grey's Anatomy, when the 8th or 9th season is about to air in September.
It's a sickness.

Signs You're Too Addicted to Grey's Anatomy:

10. You start contemplating moving to Seattle and doing something that will cause you to need surgery, so you can go to Grace hospital-which doesn't exist.

9. You accidentally call your boyfriend McDreamy-so often that he just thought it was his new nickname until someone else pointed out where it's from.

8. When you call in sick to work, you site reasons such as your conditioner stopped working and you think you might have brittle bones, so it's best you just stay in bed and feel like dying all day.

7. You find yourself correcting strangers in public when you over hear them discussing aneurysms. 

6. Patrick Dempsey has replaced....everyone on your celebrity crush list.

5. You know every single Tegan and Sara song by heart.

4. It's after midnight, you have to be up at 6 a.m. for work, and instead of sleeping you're rationalizing ways to watch another episode because the last one was such a cliff hanger.

3. You refuse to accept that they're ALL cliff hangers.

2. Nobody asks what you're doing after work anymore. They already know.

1. You refer to your very absolute bestest friend as "your person". The one that if you murdered someone, they'd come help you drag the corpse out to the desert. Your person.

Now shut down Netflix, and go the fuck to sleep.

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