Friday, July 6, 2012

The Friday Diary: Where I Make It Up To You

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 Hellooooo Friday.
I would like to take a moment and apologize to the imaginary people that I imagine read this blog, for my sporadic and probably very depressing posting lately.
I've been a bad blog friend. 
BUT LOOK! I make it up to you at the last minute by writing a Friday diary.
Can we be friends again?
I sure hope so.


Overheard this week:
Jackson: I am too full to finish my dinner. Can I have ice cream now?
Me: If you're too full to finish your food, how do you have room for ice cream in your tummy?
Jackson: I have a different tummy just for ice cream and there's room in there because you haven't given me any ice cream.



Gave in this week:
On Twitter.
Yes, I did it.
{I can literally hear Bill laughing at me right now}
I know, I was ashamed of me too at first.
But it's not so bad! It's just scary and confusing and very lonely at first...Plus I may have openly confessed to stalking a fellow blogger on my Twitter feed for all the world to see. 
I wonder if I can update my blog from prison.


On Tuesday instead of going out to eat on my lunch break, I ran an errand, grabbed some Starbucks and hit the library. 
I pillaged their section where they sell used books for obscenely cheap, and grabbed 4 books for $5. Not a bad lunch hour if you ask me.


I tried making these potato things that I found on Pinterest.
The picture made them look so delicious, and the instructions were easy enough.

As you can see, mine didn't turn out quite the same.
They were tasty and all, but they never really got crispy except around the very outer edge, and no matter long I cooked them they never got really cooked down at the bottom where they were attached to the body of the potato.
Oh well. It was a nice idea and I wasn't going to use those potatoes for anything anyway.



When Bill came back {finally} from being out town {for like a million years} he was sweet enough to bring me this little guy, who lives on my desk now.
I named him Fergus. He's kind of a naughty bastard.



Lainie got her craft on and made my dad {several} very pretty birthday cards with my scrapbook paper while I was cleaning and not paying attention. 
I hope he appreciates all 20 of them.
Note to self: buy more glitter.



All this cancer business has made me very aware of the past, and it's been heavily on my mind lately. So on 4th of July before we got down to some hardcore celebrating, I took Jack to the little park in the neighborhood I grew up in where I played when I was younger. It was overcast and cool, and the perfect day to sit on a bench and remember.
P.S. Jackson needs to stop growing up. Like now.


And now for a laugh, something I was introduced to by Motley Mama, and have not been able to stop reading since:

Honest Toddler on Twitter.
{for those of you who are as new to twitter as I am, start at the bottom and read up. I learned that today. You're welcome.}

Happy Friday!

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