Friday, July 27, 2012

The Friday Diary: It's Still Summer

Hi Everyone.
Apologies in advance for the fact that I have less than nothing interesting to show you today.
Know why?
Because it's still. fucking. summer.
My brain is fried. I am hot. UNBEARABLY TYPE IN ALL CAPS HOT.
I have uncomfortable sweat in awkward places and my kids never go outside anymore.
I am done with summer. 
We all know that it's not my favorite season to begin with. I'm a Fall/Winter With Affectionate Feelings Toward Spring girl, 100%. 
I honestly don't get people who say they hate Fall or Winter just because it's cold. It being cold is like maybe only 15% of why it's awesome.
There are at least a million and twenty more reasons why Fall and Winter kick ass.
Anyway, summer doesn't. 
I think I've tried to love summer. I've given it a fair chance. Every year I try to find ways to psyche myself up about it, and for a while I pull it off. I throw on shorts {which are not a good look for me} and go running around all like "Yeah, summer is AWESOME, let's go get sunburned and get boob sweat marks on our t-shirts!" whilst I plan barbecues and swim parties and buy cute shit for the kids, but it always wears off. 
Aside from my seasonal anxiety issues {which I am aware are weird, but none the less real}, burning my thighs on a FABRIC car seat and feeling like I might black out before my air conditioning kicks on in my car on the way home from work aren't things I consider hobbies.
So, seriously, enough with summer.
I'm over it.
Summer, if you're reading this, please get the fuck out of my life now. No hard feelings or anything, I'm just done with your shit. The bad luck you bring me, the anxiety you give me, the dehydration and red sweat face that I get because I'm a ginger, none of it appeals to me.
Also, it's not me, it's you.

Girl in Arizona who fucking hates your face.

And now, a brief and uninteresting summary of my week.


Jackson: I have a friend at school named Zoya and I love her.
Me: You love her? Really? How do you know that?
Jackson: Because when the teacher gived us balloons and hers was bigger dan mine, it was ok and I wasn't sad. I love her.

Seems pretty straightforward to me.


Everything but the running
I tried this exercise the other night. And tried is the operative word. I got to about halfway through the leg lifts and almost crapped out my kidney.
Took that as a sign I should probably stop and pin recipes for cinnamon rolls for the rest of the night.


It's a little sweet, so I like to add some extra coffee to it, but still, it's freaking amazing.
And it's cheaper than Starbucks.


2 weeks worth of groceries for $98.00
Half what we normally pay.
It took some strategery {Look Bill, I used your made up word!} on my part, and I had to figure out a couple meals where we'd "go meatless", but I did it!
And none of the meals on my life were things like Tuna Helper or Lean Cuisine.
If it had been I could've gotten way more than 2 weeks worth of groceries.


It's officially less than 2 weeks until my birthday!
Can you tell I'm excited?
If you're wondering what amazing gifts you can get me, see here.
Or find me a baby black bear. Baby black bears are always accepted.
Also, please tell me what I should do for my birthday.


Phone Picture Extravaganza!


  1. I can't stand summer either --- I'm not only a ginger, but I overheat so easily and just sweat all day. Going to school in super humid South Carolina, I go through about 3 shirts a day -- and the minute I walk in the house, the shirt comes off. Blah. I always say, I'd much rather be cold than hot. You can always add more layers -- but you can only take so many off!

    1. Word! I too am a ginger, and summer is just miserable for me. This is also the season where I get anxiety {like seasonal affective disorder but with anxiety instead of depression} and basically live through 3 months of absolutely awful luck. Anything that can go wrong in my life, will go wrong in the summer!