Friday, August 31, 2012

The Friday Diary: There's no store called "Forever 25" for a reason

I always do.

Heyyyyy it's Friday everybody!
And this Friday is especially awesome, because I am going DANCING TONIGHT!
Yes, you read that all caps announcement correctly.
I am gettin my dance on, a-hole!
I feel like I should wear something sparkly.
Wait for it....all white outfit.
Like a P Diddy music video.
I'm going straight late 90's up in herrr.

I'm sorry. I have little to no concept of what cool actually is anymore, because I'm 25 and I feel like that's when you start to make your slow and inevitable descent into "Clueless Adult" who doesn't understand texting abreviations or trendy music anymore.
The other day someone texted me "TTFN" and I had to Google it.
I was highly disappointed by the actual meaning.
I considered coming up with my own:
"Take Two Fluffy Nuts"
"Talking To Floppy Nuns"
"Take Tuxedoed Ferrets Nowhere"

Annnnnnnd this is why I'm single.

Anyway, no matter what might be currently wrong in my life, it will not matter today or tonight because I am going dancing and nothing makes me happier than being able to jump around a crowded dance floor to Usher, encouraged by my own dillusions that I can dance like Beyonce.
Because after two Appletini's who can't dance like Beyonce?!
{Still me}

So, whatever you're doing this Friday, if it doesn't end up as amazing as you thought it would, just stop for a moment and picture my glowing white and uncoordinated self trying to do The Dougie in what I think might be a country western bar.
I actually have no idea what kind of dance place we're going to. I heard dancing and then blacked out from excitement.
Also, I need to Google what this Dougie dance is, and then spend the rest of the day practicing it for my co-workers.


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