Friday, September 7, 2012

The Friday Diary: The Labor Day Madness

Happy Friday everybody!
What a freakin week, yo.
I don't know about any of you, but Labor Day weekend kind of kicked my ass.
Maybe because it was the first three day weekend in a long time where I've gone out and done something almost every night.

Friday, my friend Kate and I went Dancing, as you all know:

Pre-3 Hour Dance Off

And in the middle of the 3 hour dance off:
Let this picture be a lesson to you: you will never get a good picture of yourself or anyone, in a dance club, whilst dancing in a cage, after several Washington Apples.
This has been a public service announcement by Sarah.

Saturday morning, Jackson had his first baseball practice {overload of cute} and he even hit the ball on the very first swing.

 That's my boy.

Saturday night, I had more Washington Apples, and while I didn't go dancing, I did forget to eat dinner and end up with a mild hang over the next day.
You're welcome, world, for not posting pictures of hung over Sarah.

And Sunday, I took the kids to see Brave [BEST MOVIE EVER], to the library in Scottsdale where MORE books were purchased.
I can't control myself in the presence of 1 dollar books, people.
And then after my friend from work met up with us, we let our kids white-trash it up in the fountains outside the library for a while, before dinner and wine at Grimaldi's.

All in all, a super packed weekend.

In fact, in comparison, this week has been pretty much completely void of any activity at all.

Except, this came:

And I totally finished it in one day.
And wept like a baby through most of it.
This shit is amazing. If you haven't read it yet, read it now.

Now, last but not least, let's bust out some letters, and some funny shit from the internet.

Dear Dad: It's been an interesting month with you. I've learned a lot. Mainly, that as much as you drive me batshit crazy when you're around, I still miss you like crazy when you're not. Please don't move away again.

Dear Lainie: You keep checking books out from the library at your school, about different kinds of cats. You're absolutely killing me with how cute you are reading all these cat fact books. If this is your way of asking for a kitten for your birthday, it's probably working.

Dear Jackson: The last couple weeks with you have been so unbelievably challenging, I'm wondering who the hell you are and what you did with my son. It took 2 hours to get you to bed tonight. TWO HOURS. Please stop trying to kill your mother.


Funny Shit:

That shit made me cry from laughing.

Happy Friday.

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