Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sarah's Favorite Things

So It's that season again where it's acceptable to watch Christmas movies all day on Sunday, and you have to start freaking out about what to get people for Christmas. 
I for one, have major gift giving anxiety. 
I spend forever thinking about it, trying to come up with the PERFECT gift, and then, all of a sudden in a flash of brilliance it comes to me! 
I run to the store, yank the gift off the shelves, throw money at the teenage cashier like he's a first world problem, and dash home feeling so so so excited to have found the ONE gift that is better than all other gifts for that person.
But somewhere along the ride home, I start to second guess myself.
It's a stupid present, I think.
They won't get what I was trying to say with it, I tell myself.
Suddenly all the whimsy or humor or charm or inside joke perfection of this present has worn off.
It is the most vile and terrible gift in the world. What. The fuck. Was I thinking? 

It's even more awful than it sounds.

Anyway, while I can't help you come up with shit to buy for everyone in your life, I can help you come up with shit to buy for the girls in your life. 
At least the girls that are like me.
Maybe you know a girl like me, who has a blog, and is obsessed with bears, Grey's Anatomy and Alice in Wonderland, who'd rather hang out with good books than most people.
Maybe you know a girl who IS me, and you're trying to decide what to get me, and have yet to look at my Pinterest account. 

In any case, I've put together a little gift giving guide of Sarah's Favorite Things, which should save the day for certain. Good luck, and happy consumerism. 

Girly Things:

Book Worm Things:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower//The Night Circus//Franny and Zooey//Big Sur

Nerdy Things:

Alice in wonderland nesting dolls//lens kit//Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack #3//Madhatter's Sign

Things Only I Would Want As An Actual Gift:

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